roundpeg moves to a self-hosted blog

It only took a few weeks, but now roundpeg’s blog is ready for the big-time!!

It certainly was heartening to see that we could get over 150 visitors from 2 main posts in a scant 2 weeks!

Thanks to those of you who follow @roundpeginc, and @mattrsullivan, or who follow what we say on various Adobe and Tech Comm forums (forae?)

On advice of our avid Social Media and blog pal, Lorraine Ball (@roundpeg, ), we’ve migrated to our new address:

All of the content contained here (except for a few tweets) has been moved to the new address.

So why did we do it?

  • The goal of this blog was to drive traffic to What better way to do that than to have the blog posted there?!
  • Lorraine kindly told us that we were giving search engine credit for all our traffic to We like WordPress, but we like credit for our traffic more!
  • Lorraine was also kind enough to suggest the Thesis framework for maintaining our blog. This commercially available theme is well-regarded in the blogging community both for ease of use and for assisting with SEO issues. For more advice, you’ll have to see her at
  • We have more customization options with the self-hosted option
  • We have more opportunity to monetize our self-hosted blog without crossing the license agreement with

Fix for Acrobat license problem

RT @techcommdood: Fix for Acrobat license problem in TCS2 (h/t R. Combs on Framers)

Congrats to @rjacquez ‘s Colts…lookin

Congrats to @rjacquez ‘s Colts…looking fwd to Superbowl after the Adobe AATC event

Happy to see @ocstc getting a twitter ac

Happy to see @ocstc getting a twitter account. Looking forward to presenting on Feb 16

A zen outlook for #techcomm contractors

A zen outlook for #techcomm contractors and others from @annegentle

Input and Output Options for FrameMaker to RoboHelp Integration

For the past few years I’ve represented Adobe at various Tech Comm conferences, including the last 2 STC Summits. In discussing options for FrameMaker to RoboHelp integration, I developed a “chalk-talk” that usually took about 15 minutes to draw out and explain. The end result looked something like this:

Available inputs and outputs using Frame and RoboHelp

Available inputs and outputs using Frame and RoboHelp

In the diagram above, the solid lines represent inputs for both applications, while the broken lines represent traditional outputs. In some cases, like PDF output, there are overlaps between the capabilities of the two applications, where you can choose between the strengths of each application. 

As one person observed, “It looks like 2 spiders mating”

While I can’t really argue that point,  what I see instead is a blueprint for  managing content using FrameMaker.

Now, when I give out this same info, I can just cross out the elements that a client might not be interested in, and give them the same perspective in less than 1/2 the time.

 Most folks expect this process to be really involved, and to be both expensive and stressful. In reality, it takes only a few hours to map out the FrameMaker formatting into RoboHelp, and then another few hours to work out the formatting bugaboos in HTML and CSS, and to define your single source layouts in RoboHelp.

The first time through the process can have a learning curve, so plan on either seeking services or education from a training provider like roundpeg, or invest some time in online tutorials like those from RJ Jacquez at 

Either can make the process both rapid and pain-free.

#techcomm: anyone have experience using

#techcomm: anyone have experience using twitter with salesforce?